Hand Rendered Drawings on Digital Paper

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Daughters of the Revolution


Old Testament




How to Purchase

Visit the gallery to view and purchase my prêt à accrocher collection. 

The giclée editions have been optimized for printing in all sizes.  Please use the adjustment tool to size as it pleases you.  If you plan to frame the art allow for a border. 

Each purchase comes with a small print mark as a guarantee of authenticity - that you purchased an authorized original resolution piece directly from the artist (anything copied and printed from the web will be of a much lower quality and will lack essential detail). 

Commissions are $400 for the first figure and $200 for each additional figure.

Limited editions and/or signed work with an original signature can only be found at brick and mortar venues. 

My drawings are hand rendered using a stylus and a tablet. There are no physical copies of my work. Currently they are only available in giclée editions.  if you are a collector, consider my illustrations as you would a photograph.  

Thank you for considering my work.


Seasonal and Holiday

Zombie Number Three

Zombie Number Three

Dead Marilyn


Guardian Superstar Number One

Guardian Superstar Number One

I wish I knew how to quit you

Chinese Zodiac

Olympian Number One

Olympian Number One

Persephone - Spring is late